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Roads in Limbo

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Roads in Limbo (RIL) were built or, planned by the State or the Territorial government. They are classified into either existing or paper roads. For decades, the State and County government argued over maintenance responsibility because of limited resources. Typically, existing roads are referred to as “government roads” or “homestead roads.”

On the Island of Hawai‘i, there are 408.9 miles of Roads in Limbo located island wide; 122.6 miles exist and are recognized as government or homestead roads. There are also 286.3 miles of paper roads; rights of way that are shown on tax maps, but have not yet been built.

The TMK maps to create the Roads in Limbo inventory date back to 1930 and conditions have and are constantly changing. In 2005 a master inventory of the Roads in Limbo was created.

Legend for the 2005 maps:

  • Green: RIL
  • Yellow: State roads
  • Blue: Paved roads
  • Red: Gravel roads
  • Orange: Unknown

In 2010 the RIL were assessed to see how conditions have changed in five years.

The Roads in Limbo information provided are from the County of Hawai‘i Department of Public Works’ records as of 2005 and are subject to change. The County of Hawai‘i assumes no responsibility arising from the use of the Data. Viewers/Users are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the Data and agree to indemnify the County of Hawai‘i from any liability, which may arise from using the Data. Agreement with the terms of use shall be implied by use of this information.